About us

Welcome to Colombia Made Easy, the travel blog that takes you by the hand to discover the best corners of our beautiful country.

We are Alice and Alejo, a millennial couple full of adventure and with a great passion for discovering the best of Colombia. As Colombians, we have lived in the country for many years and know all its secrets. Therefore, we want to share our experiences and knowledge with you to help you plan the trip of your dreams.

Our blog covers everything you need to know about Colombia, from destination guide to culture and traditions, from safety and transportation to food, activities and attractions. In addition, we’ll give you practical tips for planning your trip, explore the life and style of the people of Colombia, and talk to you about real estate and retirement opportunities in the country.

Following our adventurous and budget-friendly travel style, we immerse ourselves in the local culture so you can experience everything like a local. Each of us brings something special to the team: Alice is the detail-oriented planner, while Alejo is curious and creative. Together, we want to inspire you to discover the beauty and charm of Colombia.

So, are you ready to embark on an adventure full of surprises and discoveries in Colombia?

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